Data Manager

Using a data product like a USB modem has the potential to become expensive if users do not keep careful checks on the amount of data being used. Cellhire's Data Manager is a simple yet powerful piece of software that installs onto a laptop and keeps track of the total amount of data used by the USB modem.

Online Billing & Reporting

To help control and anticipate costs, use Cellhire's free online billing service. A manager or individual can login to a secure site and view PDFs of previous bills, call breakdowns and details of unbilled calls yet to be invoiced. Individuals can also check their usage with the Text My Bill service.

High User Alert

To ensure any users starting to run up higher mobile bills are identified, Cellhire offers a High User Alert service.

The High User Alert can be set to a chosen level so that you are informed automatically when any one of your phones exceed that amount of call charges. This helps control staff expenditure but it can also prove a vital early indicator should any of the phones become unknowingly lost or stolen.

Text My Bill

Cellhire offers resellers a simple low cost SMS-based service that will text the details of a users most recent bill and the cost of any unbilled calls for the current period.

Broadcast SMS

Cellhire has a simple web-based application that will allow you to create and send SMS messages from an internet page direct to one or many of your phones. The application allows you to upload an address book, create distribution lists and create messages to send out immediately, at a given time in the future, or recurring (e.g. every weekday at 5pm).